square wave power supply

Looking at the test setup

A view showing the DC to AC converter, with the test setup. (Bottom to Top of image) Fluke Scopemeter 115, Fluke 87 V, PEAK POWER 800W DC to AC supply. Plugged in to it is a “Extech AC Line Spitter”

I was looking in to my old 800W 120VAC DC to AC supply, to see just how bad the square wave is.

The test in my view was not complete. I did not load test the supply. To see how the wave forms was effected. Due to missing Nut assembly for the Positive lead.  I felt it would be unsafe due to insecure connection that could heat up due to possible arcing issues.

With the unit unloaded I proceeded to do a preliminary look at it with the 87 V,  a digital meter. The 87, read that it was 120.2VAC and 61.12Hz.

Fluke 87 IV displaying ACV

Fluke 87 V, showing 120.2 on the display

Fluke 87IV looking at hz

Fluke 87 V, showing 61.12Hz

With that I was curious what was going on with the waveform.

I hooked up the Scopemeter in to the mix. AC Neutral to  Ground reference  for the probe. The probe hooked in to the AC Hot on the line Splitter.

with that, I set the A input channel to 10:1  and took a look.

SCOPEMETER showing the stepped waveform

in mixed scope and meter view on the scopemeter

with that we see that it is going from +120V to 0 then -120V in reference to Neutral.

Screen grabs from the ScopeMeter

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