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Hi, I have been working on a setup for my Friend/roommate streamer. Serah 

This post is going to touch base on automation, and ease of control using COTS and some scripting. The goal of this project was to make it where she could click one thing and start the lighting look. Adjust it while it is live. Then turn it off, via another click.

The system uses DMX control. Switched outlets (via a few network PDUs). 

The lighting console software is LightFactory.  It  sending sACN to Open Lighting Architecture running on a Linux VM. which then sends it to Art-Net, to output two worlds of DMX. This setup allows me to control the system with out the console if need be, Via OLA. 

Scripting. I  am using Expect to control the PDUs to turn on and off the outlets for different lights. Also I am using it, to send the commands to the lighting console over telnet.  I use bash to script turning on and off everything.

I am using a protected web page to allow her to click a “on” or “off” link. that calls via a system exec in php to run the bash script. I do not need to reinvent the scripts when I can just call it. 

When the show is running. it can be controlled by Lightfactoy’s mobile interface control. 

I created a simple setup for it  via the mobile interface builder. seen below. 

Light factory “mobile interface builder” result  

With that, She is able to control some of the attributes of the show. 

A snapshot from the October 4 2018 stream.


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