I2C Adafruit 16×2 LCD Pi Plate

Hi y’all,

Today I am going to write up a project I am working on.

Problem: I have a USB headphones with cat ears. The Mixers only output analog. Also Needs to be headless.

Solution: Use a ADC and pulseaudio to convert it to a signal that the USB headphones can use.

I used a Raspberry pi, a LCD board and a Behringer UCA222

The UCA222 converts the analog signal to digital. then I am using pacat from pulseaudio to receive it then a pipe to send it to the headphones via pacat.

Now for the headless part I am using the Adafruit 16×2 and button board to control the system. The system is controlled through a python3 program, that reads the buttons and does what is needed based off input.

Currently I am having a issue of getting the script to start on boot. when it is called via crontab the system calls do not work, Looks like I get to deep dive that call.

—-Update —-

To get the script to work, I had to start up pulseaudio daemon. It appears that the daemon is started on login. since I am starting my program via crontab….
I had to build a quick bash script to spawn it and then kick off my python program.

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